IFPA Washington State Pinball Championship Weekend
January 16-18, 2020

2019-20 IFPA WA State Pinball Championship
The First Women's Evergreen State Pinball Championship
Friday Super Specials Tournament
Saturday WA State Match Play Event
8-Bit Arcade, 916 S 3rd St, Renton, WA 98057

Saturday Jan 18, 3:00pm-9:30pm
Washington State Match Play Tournament

To enable players to watch the state championships while competing in their own tournament, we're hosting a co-located 6 Round, Match-Play tournament that is open to all.

Each round, players will be grouped into 4-player games (possibly some 3-player games). Software will be setup to maximize balancing of players and machines. 7-5-3-1 scoring in 4-player games, 7-4-1 in 3-player games.

With 21 or more players, top 8 players after qualifying move on to semi-finals. First tie-breaker is number of 1st place finishers, then number of second place finishers, etc. If still a tie for a key position of who moves on, then a one-game tie-breaker is played on a randomly selected machine among the tied players. Ties that affect seeding only will be broken randomly. With 20 or less players, top 4 move on straight to finals.

Semi-finals played as two games, first a 4-player game, with winner moving on to finals. Other three players play a second game, with winner of that game moving on to finals. The other two players are ranked for purposes of final position using same 7-5-3-1/7-4-1 scoring as qualifying. Seeding of first game based on qualifying results. Seeding of second game based on results of first game.

Finals is played as 3 games. First game, seeded based on qualifying results. Play one game, 4th place is eliminated and earns 4th place. The other three players play another game, seeded by results of first game. 3rd place is eliminated and earns 3rd place. Other two players play one final game, with winner earning the win for the tournament, other player getting 2nd place.

During qualifying rounds, all machines are randomly selected. Semi-finals and finals, top seed in a game picks machine or order, followed by 2nd seed, and so-on.


8-Bit Arcade
916 S. 3rd St.
Renton, WA 98057


Register and pay Entry Fee ($10) by 2:45pm. Doors open Noon.
This tournament will begin at approximately 3:00pm, after the quarter finals (round of 8) of the state championships begins.
Players are responsible for paying for their own games.

Players can practice on machines (pay-for-play) prior to the start of the tournament. However, all players are asked to immediately give up their game if there is a state championship match waiting on that particular machine.

While exact length of tournament cannot be guaranteed, it is estimated that the qualifying round will end before 7pm, and the final round occuring at approximately 8:00pm, coinciding with final games in the state championship. Thus please plan your day accordingly.


Payout will be top 4 if 20 or less players. Top 6 players will be paid in case of 21-31 players. Top 8 players in case of 32 or more players. If a tie for 5th thru 8th position, prize money will be split amongst tied players. Ties 1st-through-4th cannot happen with finals format.

$1 per-player will go to IFPA for their new fee on ranked tournaments. 100% of remainder of entry fees returned as prize pool. Prize breakdown if 32 players:
1st - $100
2nd - $68
3rd - $50
4th - $30
5th-8th - $10
Adjustments will be made and announced by the second round of the tournament for a different number of players.

World Pinball Player Ranking (WPPR) points will be awarded for this tournament. Points earned in this tournament will also apply towards the 2019-20 IFPA Washington State Championship results.

Rulings and Malfunctions

Rulings and malfunctions will be handled the same way as they are in the state championships, which is according to the Official IFPA World Championship Rules, unless explicitly covered in this section.

Caution to players still active in state championships: As an IFPA-Ranked tournament, this match-play tournament is open to all. Please note, however, the official IFPA rules state that an intentional delay of more than 60 seconds can lead to a player forfeiting their GAME (not just the ball). This intentional delay rule will be enforced in both the state championships and the match-play tournament if it is a player's turn, but they are unavailable because they are playing in the other tournament. Thus players still active in the state championships would be participating at their own risk of forfeiting games in either or both tournaments if they choose to play in this tournament.

If the scenario arises that it is a player's turn in both the state championships and this match-play tournament simultaneously, the rule will be applied as follows: The player will have 60 seconds from the moment they are aware that it is their turn in both tournaments to select and play the game they want to keep. The other game will be forfeited after they have left it for 60 seconds.

Waiting for machines: The state championship has priority on machines. If a machine is picked that has a state championship game going on, then players should ask the tournament director to draw a new machine. Exception: if there is a state championship game on Ball 3 Player 2, and no other state championship game waiting for that machine, then the players from this match-play tournament should wait for the machine. If while they are waiting, however, another state championship game does need the machine, then at that time, the players in the match-play tournament must have the machine redrawn.

Tournament Machines: The tournament director reserves the right to remove any game from play at any time, if the machine is experiencing technical issues, has a known exploit, or is having long-player games that are affecting the ability to run the tournament efficiently.

Extra Balls: All Extra Balls must be plunged. Players are allowed to attempt a plunger skill shot. They may flip before launch to change a lane or make some other selection that might help. Once ball is in motion, player must step back from machine, with no further flips, nudges, or other button presses (like FIRE on AC/DC). The player can retry the skill shot only if the ball returns to the plunger lane and the ball is not auto-plunged upon returning there. A player earns any points and end-of-ball bonus associated with plunging the extra ball. In some cases, plunging an extra ball could be undesired in starting a mode or multiball. The player can choose to tilt the ball instead, prior to attempting a first skill shot plunge. To prevent confusion, the player should notify their opponents of their intent to do so, prior to intentionally tilting the ball. Once a player attempts the skill shot, even if it returns to plunger lane, any subsequent tilt on that ball will be a disqualification from the game. Bonus balls CAN be played. A bonus ball (is differentiated from an extra ball in that it is time-bounded (E.g. Space Station).

Additional Information

While 8-bit does not normally allow outside food or drink, they are making an exception for food purchased from Local 907 across the street. They will have menus at 8-bit. Any food brought it should be consumed in the area with tables or at the bar, and not in the gaming areas.

Match Play Tournament Director: Ashley Weaver

For questions and inquiries regarding this tournament, please contact wapinball@gmail.com.